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Gradient Wins New U.S. Coast Guard Work


Paltech has recently been awarded the Familiarization (FAM) Training for the United States Coast Guard Trailerable Aids to Navigation Boat (TANB). The 26-foot TANB is a high performance work boat for Aids to Navigation Teams (ANTs). Most work done by ANTs involves trailering the TANB to local boat ramps and launching to service the wide variety of structures and buoys for which ANTs are responsible.
Gradient will perform TANB technical data analysis, media capture events, media-rich content development, and multimedia programming to produce interactive courseware (ICW) modules to enhance the performance of TANB coxswains, boat crew members, buoy deck supervisors, boom crane operators, and engineers. FAM Training learning objectives are centered on Boat Characteristics and Boat Systems.

Every Coast Guard win provides Paltech with vital marketing ammunition and is a signal to industry and government that Paltech is a go-to, proven capability. Our focus has been to provide innovations in the delivery of Integrated Logistics Support tenets – technical data and training. TANB provides a perfect opening to work closely with the Advanced Distributed Learning Program within the Coast Guard, develop relationships on real work, and promote concepts that can turn into contracts.