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Paltech Awarded 3-Year Contract with Newly Created HHS - Office of Adolescent Health


The President’s budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 proposed a new Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) initiative to address the rising teen pregnancy rates by replicating evidence-based models and testing innovative strategies. The new Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) will coordinate its efforts with other Federal offices such as the Administration for Children and Families, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other appropriate HHS offices and operating divisions.

OAH will award, administer and evaluate a $100 million program of teen pregnancy prevention (TPP) discretionary grants that are medically accurate and age-appropriate.

  • Tier 1 TPP grantees will replicate programs that have been proven effective through rigorous evaluation to reduce teenage pregnancy, behavioral risk factors underlying teenage pregnancy, or other associated risk factors ($75,000,000)
  • Tier 2 TPP grantees will develop, replicate, refine, and test additional models and innovative strategies for preventing teenage pregnancy ($25,000,000)

The purpose of this contract is to assist OAH with ensuring the medical accuracy and currency of curriculum materials used in TPP programs by establishing and managing a system to vigorously review these materials. Work will include developing a network of multi-disciplinary consultants who are experts on adolescent health, teenage pregnancy prevention, and other relevant topics to review curricula proposed for use in the TPP program. Pal-Tech will also prepare training materials and training approved consultants in the process.

Additionally, Pal-tch will also be responsible for developing and managing a user-friendly electronic database to track the status of each curriculum in the review process. This database will include information about the curricula materials, the assigned reviewer and status of the review, the grantees using each curriculum, the outcome of the review, including any recommendations or guidance for grantees, and the status of each TPP grantee’s response to the recommendations and/or guidance for curricula they are using in their TPP program.

Finally, Paltech will be responsible for ensuring that every grantee using a specific curriculum received the report on the review, and that required changes and/or edits to the curriculum are incorporated into their programs.