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Assistant Secretary's Honor Award Bestowed


The Early Childhood 2010 Planning Team was recently awarded the Assistant Secretary’s 2010 Partnering for HHS Excellence Award. Early Childhood 2010 (EC2010) was an interdepartmental effort involving the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services. The event, held in August at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC, brought together more than 1,800 Federal, state, and local partners and key stakeholders from a range of early childhood programs in support of integrated early childhood systems. 

The Planning Team consisted of Federal Agencies and government contractors.  Paltech’s entire Head Start Resource Center (HSRC) and Children’s Bureau teams worked extremely hard to execute the event. Working closely with the National Planning Committee and subcommittees, Paltech team members served as the primary lead for the project, created database-driven Websites for EC2010 and its 10 adjunct meetings, and worked with the Federal partner agencies to manage content and registration. In addition, HSRC content and writing staff assisted in creating the conference program and materials and note-taking to capture key themes and action steps. HSRC meeting planners managed speaker travel and on-site staffing and took the lead on the audio visual needs, which included a complex plenary set-up.