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US International Development Companies Launch New Coalition


"More than 50 of the nation’s top international development companies have announced the formation of the Coalition of International Development Companies (CIDC), a major new voice in the international development community.

"The CIDC was created to raise awareness about the impact American development assistance has overseas and the role the private sector plays in bringing innovative and cost-effective solutions to development problems around the world. Members of the coalition are eager to work with partners in the federal government and the NGO community to ensure that US development assistance continues to effectively target the neediest recipients and support US policies.

"Because of the experience and expertise of its member companies in delivering efficient, transformative, and sustainable results in social, economic, health and governance programs, the new coalition believes it can serve as a valuable resource to key decision-makers and the media in the ongoing debate about how to optimize US foreign assistance, including results-driven approaches.

"International development companies bring highly-skilled, entrepreneurial assistance to partners in the developing world through transparent, accountable projects. CIDC will highlight those and other achievements to better educate policymakers and the public about the extraordinarily positive impact American development assistance has through the work these companies perform.

"American international development companies are dedicated to building the capacity and skills of organizations and people in the developing world, and, while doing so, promoting American values. CIDC looks forward to engaging in this timely debate and helping America invest in what works best. Examples of programs being implemented by CIDC members are on the coalition’s Website."