Corporate Capabilities

Conference Planning & Management


There is a close and logical relationship between conference planning and management and Paltech’s primary expertise in training services. Conferences – whether they’re virtual or physical meetings – are fundamentally about sharing knowledge and are an important part of professional development. 

Paltech entered this arena initially because a government client needed to hold a major meeting, but had neither the staff nor the time to do it properly. Since that first successful endeavor in 1995, Paltech teams have planned and executed all aspects of major meetings for groups as large as 3,500, and earned stellar reviews for their efforts. Paltech will work with you at any level you wish … taking on the entire conference operation, or handling discrete elements.

Regardless of the subject matter, substance and logistics are the crucial elements of successful conferences along with a certain professional enthusiasm we call “Working to Wow.” This last element makes a meeting memorable and causes participants to feel their participation will significantly enhance their professional skills and careers. Participants leave energized and motivated to put what they have learned into practice when they return to their programs.