Corporate Capabilities

Conference Planning & Management

Conference Planning and Management Tasks

Good conferences are relevant because they meet genuine needs. So we begin by working with you to discover the current challenges and what subject matter will be most useful. Then, we:

  • coordinate conference dates and potential sites and help you develop a comprehensive event budget
  • help locate and select a keynote speaker, and solicit abstracts from other potential speakers, seminar leaders and panel members to ensure engaging speakers who will provide strong substantive content
  • select a venue and related accommodations
  • negotiate with vendors for airfare and lodging, as well as facility arrangements, including audio-visual and other equipment
  • help publicize your event
  • take care of business and travel arrangements for speakers
  • track scholarly papers and drafts of speeches and lectures, and begin to prepare conference programs, books, visual aids, directories and related publications
  • establish an orderly process for registration, including staff available online and by telephone
  • provide administrative staff to conduct on-site operations, so your staff can participate in meetings and spend quality time with conference participants
  • publish and distribute conference papers
  • complete all administrative follow-up, including final budget reconciliation

We also perform these tasks for teleconferences and video conferences. Paltech provides the experienced, committed professional conference management staff to see that throughout the process all these and a myriad of other tasks are completed according to strict timetables and with meticulous attention to detail. 

Our comprehensive planning, experience, and professionalism ensure great results. We take on the conference management burden so that you can enjoy your own event, confident that it will run smoothly from initial planning until the last participant is back home urging colleagues not to miss your next conference!