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Quality Assurance Program

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Quality has been key in contributing to Paltech's retention of clients and expansion. Our commitment to effectively implement Quality Assurance and Control on each task we perform is fully supported by corporate management.

Paltech has an established Quality Control Program that has been used for the past six years to provide quality training products to the Department of State, Navy, and other government agencies. Paltech's continuous improvement initiatives, driven by ongoing internal review, customer feedback, and use of established business practices, have resulted in award winning performance.

The Quality Control Program follows industry best practices and will allow Paltech to provide all members of the Virtual SYSCOM with quality services and products that meet and exceed Navy services standards. Paltech's QC Director will ensure that the Paltech Team subcontractors adhere to all quality control measures.

Paltech will use the quality process on delivery orders to:

  • Ensure implementation of programs, processes, and guidance required by law or regulations
  • Provide feedback on the effectiveness and appropriateness of the product development process and programs and products
  • Identify deficiencies, recommend corrective actions, and ensure correction of deficiencies
  • Provide products that are efficient, effective, and in compliance with policy and guidance
  • Evaluate products either formally (i.e., product validation) or informally to determine currency, efficiency, and effectiveness, followed by revisions as required.