Why Paltech?

Today it’s often a “sellers market” for people who have knowledge, skills, and energy. Every company proclaims itself “a great place to work,” and you can choose where to apply your talents. So why consider Paltech?

First and foremost, Paltech’s founding principles - customer service, customer satisfaction, and ethical behavior - relate directly to the treatment of employees.  Says founder Omar Kader: “It’s mid-level employees who are on the front lines dealing with our customers daily; not senior managers. If we expect our employees to perform at the highest possible level, we have to treat them as well as we do our clients.” He adds: “We also encourage the innovation that gives us a competitive edge.”

What else makes Paltech a great employer?


  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Great location near Rosslyn, Virginia Metro station
  • Paltech is an established, successful, growing business

Equal Opportunity:

  • Diverse work force in terms of race, gender, nationality, age
  • Women constitute a majority of the senior management team
  • 40+ different languages are spoken by our approximately 220 employees
  • 8 of our 14 current project managers are female; six are minority


  • More than half our senior managers have been promoted from within the company
  • Senior managers delegate authority
  • Interesting assignments and diverse government clientele


  • Culture of respect
  • Supportive, positive atmosphere
  • Innovation and risk-taking are encouraged
  • Ethical behavior is the only acceptable standard
  • Individual and collective community service is encouraged and supported